Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sara G | Bandy's High School Class of 2015

I've known Sara for a couple of years now and was super excited when she asked me to do her Senior Portraits.  She is an amazing super talented person with a heart of gold and I knew I wanted her pictures to be just as amazing!  Sara booked my half day session with professional hair and make up and Heather Hudley of Lifestyles Salon did an awesome job!
I'm going to start with Sara's favorite image...

When I asked Sara what her favorite part of her session was I was elated by her answer, "I loved feeling like a princess haha, the whole modeling thing.  It was so much fun, especially since I'm not used to doing anything without a basketball." I really loved that I could bring this feeling and experience to Sara.

She is one of the busiest girls I know. Basketball is such a huge part of her life.  She loves sporting events and does the announcing for football, basketball, and softball.  

And speaking of basketball, she's pretty darn good at it too.  Here are some of her recognitions and accomplishments!  All Conference Team (twice), All Regional Team (twice), MVP of the West in the State Championship game in 2014, SD-7 Player of the Year 2015, First Team All District 2015, and she's currently in the running for All State, Hickory Record Player of the Year, and possibly an East West Participant.  Very proud of this girl!

I know her mom is super proud and loves to see Sara smile, which is why I love this next set of images.

Fall light, I love fall light.

Here is my favorite, I loved her dress moving in the breeze, the sunset, the yummy light.

Sara asked me, for part of her Senior Session, if I could come to Signing Day at Bandy's High School when she signed for college.  She's proud to be attending Anderson University on a Basketball Scholarship and plans to major in Business and minor in Spanish. I had to include my two favorite images from Signing Day, the first because SHE has done this.  Her talent, her heart (and there is none bigger), and her dedication.  So I posted this image of her signing, just her and her ball.  The second, of her and her biggest fans, her family.  I know that Sara has the talent within herself, but she has the best support system and that makes it even sweeter.  Congratulations sweet girl, your future is so bright and I cannot wait to see where it leads you next.

If you loved Sara's session and would like one of your own, mention this blog and you will receive $25 off your session and Sara will receive a $25 credit.
To View Sara's Senior Film go HERE

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Lorissa L | North Lincoln High School Class of 2015

I'm excited to introduce to you my first senior from Lincoln County.  I love that my reach is growing to surrounding areas!  Lorissa is a senior from North Lincoln High School, who booked my half day session with professional hair and makeup.  I can't say how excited I was because she was the first scheduled since I added this option for Seniors (which they are loving!!).
We are going to start with my favorite image...a classic black and white.  Timeless Perfection!

I asked Lorissa what she like best about her session and she said, "I like how laid back the session was and how it was a kinda go with the flow feeling."  Go with the flow, means when it's windy, we work with it....and look what happens!  Stunning!  One thing I assure you is that you will relax, have fun, and enjoy your session!

This I think was the one where she told me she wasn't photogenic.  What???  I believe I disagree, what about you?

This senior is not only beautiful, but she's smart too.  She is an Honor Society member who plans to attend nursing school at the Carolina's College of Health Sciences.

Lorissa enjoys horseback riding and softball and this is her favorite image.

With the Half Day Session, we had plenty of time to go to three locations and five outfit changes, including doing some Cap and Gown portraits.  

Lorissa's professional Hair and Makeup is by Heather Hundley of Lifestyles Salon in Conover, NC

If you like Lorissa's Senior Session and would like to book your own session, contact me and mention Lorissa's blog to save $25 off (and Lorissa gets a $25 credit too)!

Enjoy Lorissa's Senior Film HERE

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Cassey | Bunker Hill Elite Fleet Senior

Ya'll are going to fall in love with Cassey!  There's your warning.  She was selected as one of my Elite Fleet Seniors from Bunker Hill High School by the school's guidance counselor, Ms. Lorraine Swagger. Here is some of what Ms. Swagger had to say while nominating Cassey,

"...her dazzling personality and character are exhibited daily.  She is a joy be around and amazes me with her intellect as well.  Cassey is able to balance a rigorous academic schedule, excel in extracurricular activities, and manage a part-time job as well. How she manages all of her activities with a pleasant attitude and sense of excitement is to be acknowledged  Cassey is truly a student that rises to any expectation..."

Cassey's favorite image is of her can her dog, Cocco.

At BHHS, Cassey is involved in the Yearbook, International Club, Student Council, BLT with teachers and admins, Science Olympiad, and other activities.  She loves watching Netflix in her spare time and is recently obsessed with The Office!  She says, and I quote "IT IS SO GOOD."

Cassey also told me that she is very proud to attend her church's early morning seminary and says it is like a scripture lesson each morning before school, and it totally starts her day right.

Her plans after graduation include going to college and is looking at several options, but she does know she wants to try double majoring in Biology and International Studies

And if that is not enough for you to love this girl, then this will do it...before she graduates college, she wants to go on a LDS mission for 18 months and spread the gospel full-time.

And here is one of my favorite images...

I asked Cassey what her favorite part of working with me was and her are her words, "My favorite part of working with you was your spirit.  You're so kind and enthusiastic that it just shines through your work!  I loved your passion and how excited you were for little things like the sunlight and leaf color.  haha."

Cassey has her own blog, so go check it out HERE.

To view Cassey's Beautiful Senior Film head on over HERE.
Cassey, I am so thankful to Ms. Swagger for nominating you.  You are a pure joy!

If you loved Cassey's session and would like to book one, mention this blog and Cassey will receive a $25 credit and so will you!



Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Katie | MHS Elite Fleet Senior

Let me introduce Katie M, one of my Elite Fleet Seniors from Maiden High School.  Katie was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Nancy Suddreth.  Here are some of Mrs. Suddreth's words from her nomination letter "I knew immediately who I would like to nominate.  Although I have taught many extraordinary students over my twenty years of teaching, I would have to say Katie exemplifies the very best qualities to be found!  She is a very beautiful young lady- inside and out.  Katie carries herself as a young lady should:  with integrity.  It is unusual to see such composure in one so young."  She also stated that Katie is honest, compassionate, dignified, and is always willing to help other students in social or academic situations.  Katie is very involved in DECA and is a Beta Club member.  Here is Katie's favorite image (and I believe it is mine as well- look at those eyes!)

I loved the fashion look we got from the images in Downtown Hickory!

Katie is a proud Blue Devil Volleyball player (all 4 years) as a setter.

When I asked her what she enjoyed most about her Senior Session she replied "Going to Murray's Mill at sunset and I had fun with all of the different poses."

Katie is planning to attend UNC Charlotte and study Marketing and Graphic Design.  I want to wish her the very best, it is a such an honor for Katie to be one of my Elite Fleet Seniors.  To know more about the Elite Fleet Program read HERE.  If you loved the images from Katie's Senior Session and would like to book with me mention this blog and receive $25 credit toward your session, and Katie will also receive $25 credit.

You can also view Katie's Senior Film HERE.

Thank you Katie!  You are absolutely beautiful!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Brianna's Sweet 16 | Hickory NC Photographer

When you were young was there any birthday more monumental than your Sweet 16?
Not that I can recall!

So thrilled to help Brianna celebrate her Sweet 16 at Rock Barn Golf and Spa

We may have twirled a bit.....

Bri, you are stunning!

I really enjoyed working with Brianna.  She is genuinely one of the sweetest people I've met. Love those teenagers!

If you would like more information on booking a Sweet 16 Session, contact me at the information below! Mention this blog and Bri's mom will get a $25 credit and you will received one toward your session as well!

xoxo- Stephanie

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Johnson Kids | Hickory NC Family Photographer

I've been photographing these two since they were newborns and I love seeing them in front of my camera a few times a year.  They have the cutest personalities.  Their momma is my cousin and I used to babysit her and her twin sister when they were so small you could fit both on your lap.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this handsome little man.  So I asked momma to bring a white shirt and some jeans.  He and I headed out while momma dressed sister.  It took us less than 10 minutes to nail these.  He did awesome!

Sister's turn!  Loved her sweet dress and my crepe myrtles were in full bloom!  YES!

I'm not sure what she was thinking (maybe I really don't want to know) but she put her hand up and gave me the funniest look....

"Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a Superhero"  - Marc Brown

From a Summer Mini Session.  Make sure you are a Facebook Fan and follow me for updates on promotions throughout the year.  If you would like to book your own session, mention this blog post and you will receive $25 off a regularly priced session and the Johnson Family will receive a credit of $25 as well.