Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Allie | Class of 2017

Fall tried it's best to trick us here in the Foothills of NC.  It seemed like the color just didn't want to show up.  I knew Allie's mom had her heart set on the beautiful fall color so we postponed her session a few weeks and I'm so glad we did. 
Allie loves reading her Bible...
...and photography.

Look how the mauves in her outfit compliment the red colors of fall and the natural wood tones.

I can't resist putting my seniors in the fall leaves!  (But seriously, those eyes!)

Allie thought of everything that is meaningful to her and I loved being able to incorporate the special items into her senior portraits.  
You can't have a twirly skirt and not twirl.
I loved meeting Allie and her mom and enjoyed the time we spent making these memories for them both.  You can see in her genuine smile what a sweet personality and pleasure this young lady is to be around.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Brooke | Class of 2017

I photographed Brooke last year for her Junior Prom and could not wait until we did her senior session.  We decided to do some in downtown and some at the Henry River Mill Village, you know the site of the Hunger Games District 12, for a mix of both urban and natural environments.

The light in downtown was absolutely beautiful that early fall day.

I love the vibrance of the colors,
but that serious black and white is one of my favorites.

These colors:  her eyes, the wall, and the contrast of the burgundy were perfect!

When you know where to look you can even find some earth tones in downtown alleyways.

Fall is just beginning but I love that we still had the greens with the peeks of color.

These are two of my favorites from Henry River.
I think her sister made her laugh, we did lots of laughing that day!


Brooke has some of the prettiest eyes ever.  They seemed to change colors right in front of me.

I'm sure this looks familiar if you've seen the Hunger Games movie.  I am so glad we went here and were able to use this beautiful place in Brooke's session.  (Note to photographers:  This property is no longer open to the public.  It is posted as no trespassing so please respect the owner's wishes.)

Janie, thank you for choosing me to photograph your beautiful girl!  Brooke, you are so fun to photograph and I can't wait until Senior Prom to do it again!