Thursday, July 27, 2017

Melia | Class of 2017 | Charleston

Charleston, oh how I love you.  City of southern charm, history, and beauty.  Pair that with a gorgeous senior and I'm nearly in heaven.  Melia's session started in downtown where we walked and walked and walked some more admiring the elegant homes and architecture of Charleston.

Melia's expression is the perfect example of how much FUN we have on a session!

Yes, we changed clothes right in Downtown Charleston.  Part of our custom boutique experience is clothing consultations and planning.  I even went through her closet with her.  LOL  And next, we went down Rainbow Row.  How could you live here and not be happy all of the time with so many happy colors?

After Downtown Charleston, we went back to the hotel to freshen up for the beaches.  I had scouted the locations the day before so I already knew where to go and what outfits we needed.

One thing about photographing on the beach is that the light can change so quickly.  I loved playing with the more dramatic lighting in the next set of images.

And the still waters of this inlet beach with the reflecting sun made a gorgeous backdrop!

Our second beach location I specifically wanted just the brambles and vines I found while scouting and thought they would emphasize Melia's pretty brown eyes.  Completely a win!

We arrived at our last location where Melia and I literally ran a pretty long way to catch the sun dropping and the glow of the sunset.  The wind was raging here but working through it we came out with some gorgeous sunset images with movement in her clothing and hair.  Perfect imperfection.

Before leaving beautiful Charleston we grabbed a couple of last minute shots of Melia rep'ing her Stephanie Turner Photography shirt.  

Thank you to her and her mom, Kathy for trusting me and Charleston for her Senior Destination Session!  If you would like to book your own Senior Experience or a Senior Destination Session contact Stephanie at


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